Bracken Fernelle

Elven Druid (and Sorell Lea his Mountain Tiger)


Im Braken Fernell, Im a druid elf who lives in my village which is situated deep within the great Forest near the base of the mountains. I am 6’4" tall and am slight of build with dark bronzed skin and long green hair, and pale green eyes. I have a mountain tiger called Sorrell who is my main companion and also my closest friend. She is still a youngster like myself and shares my colouration, having dark bronze fur with green markings.


Bracken’s journal – The Forest Leaves – by Bracken Fernelle

I do not know my parents, the only family I have are the other druids in my village. I cannot remember how old I was when I first arrived in the village or how I ended up being brought up there. It is mainly Elves who live in here but there are also druids from other races that live peacefully in the village. Most of my time whilst growing up was spent learning the ways of the druids and also hunting for food and looking after the plants and trees within the great forest. Sorrell and myself often go deep within the forest to hunt for food, and explore the local area and recently we have begun to venture further away from the village. We have even gone as far as the very edge of the forest, further than anyone else I know. I am known to be one of the bravest in my village because of how far we have dared to travel, and often dream about great adventures and the wonders that the rest of the world may have to offer.
After hunting in the forest one day to gather food for the evening feast, the elders of my village asked to speak with me in private. This had never happened before and so I was quite nervous as normally when the elders want to speak with you its because you have done something wrong and to my knowledge I had committed no crimes and my actions had been nothing but good.
The elders welcomed me and told me that they had heard that I was venturing further and further out of the forest, at first i thought that they were going to tell me that this was forbidden and so my heart began to sink, as Sorrell amd myself love the time we spend finding new places and seeing sights that possibly no one else in the village have ever seen.
However, the elders did not scold me like I thought that they were going to do, infact it was totally the opposite, they asked of me a very important task.
The Oldest of the elders spoke to me and asked if I was prepared to partake in a very important mission, which would mean that I would have to leave the village, well the Great Forest itself infact and travel far away in order to deliver an extremely important message to the King. I was to go alone and get there as quickly as I could and let no one other then the King read the message that I was to take. The Elders warned me that it could be very dangerous as strange things were begining to happen and that they could not garentee my saftey but if I was careful that I would be ok.
Of course I accepted, who was I to say no the the Elders, they needed me and if they have faith that I could do what they asked of me, then I would definately do it. The Elders gave me a crystal to take to the king which held the message. I myself have no way of knowing what the message says, as only the Elders are taught how to read the crystals, which is possibly why they choose me.
I gathered up the things that i would need and Sorrell and myself set off the very same day for what could possibly the greatest adevnture that we will ever have.

Bracken Fernelle

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