The Campaign Setting - House Rules etc

Inspiration and Ideas for the setting

Beyond the Wardwall is inspired by the fantastic West Marches campaign idea I found on the RPG blog Ars Ludi right here. I wanted to get back into the swing of running an RPG again, because it’s been a few years since I’ve been in the GM’s seat.

This campaign is going to be run in a collaberative world building style that a lot of our group is really looking forward to. The format of this style of game allowed us to get straight to playing without being bogged down creating a grand setting from scratch beforehand or having to read/research an established setting.

Additional rules, modifications and House rules used

  • Stats are generated using the “Heroic” system in the Pathfinder core (2D6+6) asign the 6 numbers to the attributes as you wish. The entire stat block may be re-rolled once, but you must keep the second lot of numbers even if they are worse.
  • Beginning wealth, you may make the roll or take the average, choose before any roll is made and stick to the decision.
  • Each PC will be able to use the Hero Points system (see Advanced Player’s Guide)
  • Each PC may select 2 Traits (must be GM approved) (see Advanced Player’s Guide)

Miniatures and Playmats

  • We are not using the standard 1" gridded or hex battlemats for combat encounters.
  • Where possible encounters may be played through in narrative.
  • When miniatures are employed we are playing upon modelled boards and terrain to add more interest to gameplay and immersion interacting with the 3D elements.
  • Rules modifications due to playing with no grids
  • 5’ in game = 1" on the tabletop, most medium sized creatures therefore with 5’ reach will be in combat when stood within 1" of an enemy, conversly that also means that enemies threaten a 1" area around themselves. Creatures with an extended reach follow the same rules as above, 10’ reach = within 2" and so on.
  • Templates will be constructed where needed (Spells, Blasts etc)
  • Problems will inevitably arise whilst playing this way, solutions will be discussed and when agreed upon added to this list.

The Campaign Setting - House Rules etc

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