Setting off on my journey

When i first set out on my quest i was travelling near the ward wall in the south and noticed that not only was the wall compramised, but there was a trail of dead animals coming from beyond the wall. They didn’t look diseased, it appeared that they died of starvation.

After encountering Bracken and Gotrun we decided to travel together towards the King’s Road we passed through a small village, it may have been the influence of stange people and/or our animal companions, but they seemed a bit skittish and wouldn’t even leave their buildings to speak to us.

Creature log:

Savannah creatures spotted headed toward kingdom

  • Various grazing animals: Bison, Gazelle, Goat, Horse, Wildebeast etc.. while these are not creatures i have never encountered before, their behaviour is unusual to me, not only were they mixed together (these creatures rarely interact on such a level) but they were travelling in unison towards the Kingodom with such didcation that they were starving themselves.
  • Predatory animals: Bobcat, Hyena, Jackel, Mountain Lion. These seemed to be made up primarily of scavenger creatures, I can only presume these have been surviving on the corpses of animals that have fallen before them, for they seem to have no interest in attacking the live grazing animals which are traveling along with them, which in itself is bizarre and noteworthy. I have not encountered these as readily as I have the grazing animals, mostly when defending herds and when caravans have travelled through town with caged creatures as merchandise.

Western wardfort

  • Various beasts of burden like Horse, Mule and Oxen. These are working animals that are usually owned by farmers and other people that work the land, nothing unusual here.
  • General mix of cattle such as Cow, Goat, Lama, Ox and Sheep.again this is not unusual to me, these are usually kept as a source of food and other useful matterials.
  • A couple of domesticated dogs usually kept as working animals, hearding sheep, hunting and security being the most common jobs, but it is not unheard of for them to be kept as pets, almost as a member of the family.
  • I also note some small lizards and insects in the hotel you stayed in. These were interesting to see, intersting colourings and behaviour. They seemed as curious of me as i was of them. I noticed the lizards were feasting on the insects and were skilled and quite devious at catching them, what dexterity they have in those tongues. The reference books i’ve read stated that some cultures eat these as a delicacy, while i’m intrigued, I shall let these live another day.

Travelling to the inner kingdom

  • Small woodland creatures:
    Squirrels: nut and seed gathering rodents, generally inhabit trees, often found in the colours of Red, Grey and Black, but these generally do not mix together. Pleasant to watch and a sign of a healthy woodland.
    Various small nesting birds: feed on berries, insects and seed. inhabit nests built of sticks, twiggs mud and moss, usually built above ground away from predators in trees and hedges, varied in colour depending on species.
    Badgers: Short legged creatures from the weasel family, foredges for insects and berries, live in dug out ‘dens’ under ground. Tend to have a long snout and black and white stipes on the head.
  • Domestic poutry roaming freely in a field with cattle
  • Goblins, cave dwelling scavengers, that eat almost anything and are known to eat there own body weight on a daily basis, fascinated by fire, fearful of the written word and of horses. My first encounter with these a small group of them were teamed up with an Orc to attack a Dwarf
  • Orc, strong, brtual creatures of low intelect, known to breed with humans(by force) to create their leaders and stategists
  • Dwarf, a short but sturdy race, great craftsmen reside in mountains, mining the land, known their bitter hatred og giants, orcs and goblins. The dwarf I encountered seemed grateful of my intervention when i wittnesed him being attacked.
  • Poisonous Spiders, web spinning arachnids, inhabiting dark, damp caves. Having inadvertantly taken shelter in the same cave as a nest of these spiders, sensing my presence, possibly in a misguided attempt to prevent me attacking them, possibly seeing me as their next meal, descended from their lofty heights to attack. obviously as i am writing this, they were bested by my blade and my eidolon companion Astrad.
  • Mountian Tiger, A large feline, powerful predators, this one had green and black coloured fur, ideal camouflage for forrest areas, this cat waws the companion of a northern elf ranger.

Setting off on my journey

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