Teresa "Tessy" Stoutfoot

Nelwyn (halfling is derogatory) Fighter


Player: Dagan-Ellora


“I have been fighting since I was little because the Goblins started the fighting and my Father died.
Fighting these little idiots before he died, my Father taught me how to fight too, while I was little he taught me how to be brave and fight the Goblins without being scared.
I came to warn people and tell the King.
I like killing goblins…”

Author – Chibi Vampire

(Tessy has suffered for many years defending her home against constant goblin raids. The death of her father was the final straw, leaving behind her duties as new head of the household she has set off to take the fight to the goblins (and whatever else gets in her way) wherever they are found.)

Teresa "Tessy" Stoutfoot

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