Arabella Bloodwillow

Gnome Barbarian, Exploring New Lands and New Cultures.


Basic Description
Physically she is 3’4" with a rather athletically built frame.
She has fairly pale white skin, has blue hair and purple eyes.

Arabella wears a wooden mask (The Maske) that has large iron spikes embedded upon its surface when fighting.
when out traveling or exploring, she wears this mask on her head like a cap, ready to tip it forward over her face as she reaches for her flail, when trouble bears itself in her direction.

when not covered in goblin blood and looking like an evil psychopath, she is actually a rather caring and friendly person, who likes to keep busy and indulge in partying and drinking when not working, exploring or sleeping. loves listening to new stories…

Arabella’s Journal – My Life of Adventure – by Arabella Bloodwillow

Arabella’s family came from a town called Ang Laro, at the far east of Scherde, near the wall. Within the past 100 years, Ang Laro was over-run by goblins. The survivors from the Wardfort and other nearby towns and villages that were also raided, fled further into the kingdom, forming a settlement of refugees. Over time they built a new town they called Heiligton.

The inhabitants of Heiligton are from varied races and cultures, generally getting along but once in awhile disputes can turn nasty…
Mostly though, the shared histories and legends have given those raised within its streets a rich tapestry of stories, legends and theologies to grow around, so though there are some prejudices maintained amongst some families, the people of this town are generally more accepting of differences, united in their banding together for mutual support and defence against further goblin incursions like those that ousted them from their original family homes.

Ara’s (Arabella’s) family are distillers of sweet wines, brewers of hearty ales and run a fairly large inn (built by Ara’s great, great, grandfather to accomodate all manner of guests) many travelling performers, merchants and adventurers stopped here whilst passing through on their journeys, telling there stories to the eager ears of young Ara and her siblings occasionally giving them trinkets they’d acquired on their travels to the young gnomes. who were always delighted to hear new tales.

After a youth-hood of such tales, Ara and her sisters set out around the nearby villages, offering their services as caravan guards through the nearby woods to the nearest towns, her brother remaining at the tavern to work with the family and become part of the clericry of the families patron deity. of Ara and her sisters, eventually Silvana left them to live amongst the woods and others who had a closeness to nature like her. her sister Alessia left travelling around the kingdom with some adventurers she met in a roadside tavern. Ara stayed close to her family in Heiligton until after working as a guard and helping in her families woodshop and bar, she left for Berkkanstadd to join others exploring the kingdom of scherde and maybe one day, beyond the wall… she also goes to inform the ruler of Berkkanstadd of the fall of the far eastern Wardfort, which has slowly led to increased goblin raids in the east…

Arabella Bloodwillow

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