Beyond the Wardwall

Farewell to the sea...

Caladrel sets off upon his journey, discovers something troubling and is tasked with delivering a message.

Caladrel stood upon a sandy bluff and looked out over the port town he had called home, his hair whipping around in the cool coastal breeze as he paid a farewell to this place he had grown accustomed to. He felt he had learned all the knowledge that was available in this town about the power of summoning. So now it was time to move on, time to see creatures in their natural habitats, that he had up until now only read about in musty old tomes and make his own field guide. The more he learned about creatures and their abilities, the better he would be able to shape his powers and control the evolution of his Eidolon Astrad.

The first leg of his journey would take him to the Western Wardfort, his thought that maybe he would be able to stay there awhile, research and maybe see some of the creatures of the plains and savannahs to the west of the kingdom. It would take him some days to get there and he decide to cut some of the journey time by heading north-west across country and then follow the Wardwall northward the rest of the way. Summoning Astrad his serpentine Eidolon to his side for company and protection they set out. Upon reaching the Wardwall he noted with some worry that the great wall that defended the kingdom from outside threats was looking very ill kept, in places the wall had breaches big enough to see and indeed even climb through if he so wished. As he was travelling he periodically peered out of the breaches he found punctuating the wall and discovered the corpses of many animals could be seen out beyond the wall. He took the opportunity to investigate closer and clambered through one of the larger rents, there were many herding creatures and also predatory ones scattered together and they all seemed to have been travelling toward the kingdom. Caladrel didn’t want to get too close, the stench coming from them and the threat of disease making him wary. Every one of them looked to be in the advanced stages of starvation or disease, it was hard to tell because of the state of decomposition. As he walked back to his original path he knew that word of this and the state of the Wardwall needed to be given at the Wardfort.

Many years previously Caladrel had visited the Wardfort and it was quite a bustling town with many people and traders clogging the streets, that was not the case now. The streets were practically empty, the few miserable looking souls wandering the dusty streets or sitting in the shade from the high sun. Caladrel made his way directly to the guard house to tell somebody in a position of authority what he had witnessed. He made his way passed pens full of sickly looking animals and domesticated animals fighting for scraps in the littered alleys, asking directions from a disinterested local and picking up his pace. When he approached the guard house he noticed that there was a guard asleep at his post sat upon a stool by the main door, Caldrel failed to rouse the guard so let himself in. Needless to say, Guard Captain Felinn was a little surprised when after knocking at the door Caladrel walked in with Astrad. After explaining about the sleeping guard and then giving the captian the news about the wall and animals, Caladrel was puzzled to find he already knew. Captain Felinn explained that a sizable portion of his men had been recalled back to the capital city Berkkanstadd, that his force was now stretched thin and all the remainder he could spare were outside the walls on patrol trying to stop any sick animals getting into the kingdom and spreading more disease. The captain asked where Caladrel was headed, when he said he was taking time to travel around the captain asked if he would be willing to take a minor detour and take a message to one of the forts further within the kingdom along the King’s road , Caladrel agreed because it seemed important.

Captain Felinn sent him to a local inn ran by Mr, Waquim , an interesting man that had settled here years ago. The captain said he usually let the guards stay freely at the inn and that Caladrel should ask for his stay to be put on the captain’s tab. Caladrel arrived at the inn to the big smiling face of Waquim, who welcomed him inside and waved him over to the bar. He asked how he could be of service, Caladrel told him what the guard captain said and his smile fell and eyes glazed over. The innkeeper brightened back up however when he found the Elf was only staying a single night, he also still charged for food. Waquim talked at length about the problems in town and that it wasn’t just trade from outside the kingdom that had trickled to a standstill, but that from within too, which was worrying. Waquim believed there must be trouble on the road, possibly bandits. Caladrel spent the night in a room that left much to be desired, but at least the lizards and insects kept Astrad amused.

The next morning Waquim gave directions to Caladrel, instructing him to head for the King’s road via a roundabout route through the great forest a little to the north to avoid any possible trouble. Caladrel liked the plan because he could also use this off road trek to keep up his study of creatures along the way. As Caladrel stood outside the gates to the Wardfort he looked off the road into the distance and could just about see the great forest beyond the rolling hills, he turned off of the road and stepped into the long blades of swaying grass and travelled onward.


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